It is estimated that more than 215 million children worldwide are in engaged in some form of child labor. In the least developed countries where we manufacture, one child out of every four is involved in some form of dangerous labor. Feizy is committed to ending this practice. Our facilities never use child labor. Moreover, we proudly support The Global Fund for Children (GFC), an organization empowering groups that address the root causes of the issue.

The Global Fund for Children works to advance the dignity of children worldwide. GFC believes that small amounts of capital given to innovative community-based organizations are key to making a lasting impact on the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children. GFC helps donors who want to make a difference find and fund small, startup organizations working on the ground more than 50 countries to improve children’s lives—and then works with those organizations to ensure they become sustainable community resources.

In partnership with GFC, Feizy is helping to create opportunities for children regardless of race, class or gender. With the help and support of this amazing organization, Feizy hopes to see the end of child exploitation in these developing nations.